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Ugh, my lungs hurt from running in the cold and rain, just like they used to when I was in high school track. My body's just not set up for this weather. Good thing after all that asthma kept me out of the military, because I would probably have desert lung or something by now.

Work was busy, uneventful. Talked to that guy who's basically Jess from Gilmore Girls over linner. Reading Absurdistan, which is smart, pleasurably written, and gross (content-wise).

Watching Heathers in a bit, which I think will complement Young Adult, which was really excellent, it turned out, though not what I expected from Cody/Reitman. Not as flashy or flippant as their usual stuff--but it's easy to see how you can trace this movie back to Jennifer's Body and Up in the Air. Will probably write a blog post on it, though I feel like I need to depart from my "lesbian lens film reviews" schtick. But I like doing it!

Grandma called last night (she's headed to California for the holidays) and we had a nice conversation--I think she feels a little unsure what to say around me, but if I push for it we do get talking. She always steers towards politics, though("women's libbers ruined Li'l Abner" was the topic this time--yes, really)! Even though I think she sees herself as Switzerland.

I've missed LJ, and had really gotten out of the swing of it, but this new account seems like a fresh start.
andera_em: Elphaba and Glinda. (Default)
Alex left for San Francisco today. I finished Minima Moralia and half of All The Sad Young Literary Men. Going to see Young Adult shortly. All this sunny weather is making hibernating not as pleasurable as it was last year.

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